Vision & Mission Statement



To be the best at providing fully integrated solutions to our customers’ complete financial needs by

offering the highest quality products, services, and advice.

Business Principles

  1. Being able to compete in a morally upright and ethical manner with strong performance, taking into account both short-and long-term impacts.
  2. Conducting business affairs while according respect to and having a responsibility towards shareholders as well as stakeholders.
  3. Adhering to the conduct of business affairs, which takes into consideration social and development impacts as well as reduction of negative environmental impact.
  4. Being able to adapt to change (Corporate Resilience).


Consistent Investment and Development of Technological Systems and Infrastructure: This is the key driving force in advancing Thanachart Group forward. Thanachart Group is committed to providing a full range of digital banking services geared towards the changing lifestyle of customers. The Company also strives to develop new innovations, service customers with more efficiency, and provide customers with complete, convenient, fast, and secure services that will help to create a better customer experience.

Process Enhancement: To meet the needs of diverse customers, Thanachart Group integrates technology for efficiency and security in customer servicing and managing operating costs.

People Development: Thanachart Group aspires that its employees be professional leaders. This is achieved through the construction of an employee knowledge base and the leveragement of employees’ qualifications to concur with the complexity of the digital financial environment and the changing needs of customers.

Work Collaboration: To achieve corporate goals, Thanachart Group expects employees to be committed and earnest workers.